Affordable, safe, authentic Shipibo, ayahuasca retreat.  Long term & short term stays.


Welcome to Tierravida Benxote! 

TierraVida | Ayahuasca Retreat Center

Our Jungle Retreat and Shamanistic Healing Center is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.  We provide a traditional experience for our guests that includes ayahuasca diets with indigenous Shipibo shamans, authentic jungle adventuring, and workshops at our native plants and herbs Permaculture Learning Center.


Planting Trees


The volunteers and board members have planted many trees in conjunction with the NGO Seed Tree that is based in the United States.

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Herbal Health Clinics


Herbal health clinics in the villages are more examples of the wonderful projects created by Ni Bero.

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Medicinal Plants


Medicinal plants give a value to the understory of the rainforest and to the canopy as well.

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Conservation Effort

ayahuasca retreat center peru
ayahuasca retreat center peru
ayahuasca retrea center peru