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Tierravida Benxote’s founder, Adam Stone also serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Ni Bero. Ni Bero is an NGO conservation effort. Tierravida Benxote donates earnings to help with the much needed support of Ni Bero. Ni Bero’s mission and purpose is:

  • the ecological reforestation and preservation of the rainforest

  • to empower the native Shipibo with the ability to maintain and sustain their cultural way of life

  • to raise awareness throughout the world regarding the vast importance of seeing the rainforest for what it truly is; the lungs of the earth


The name “Ni Bero” literally translates into the mission as it means “Seed Tree” as well as “Eye of the Rainforest”.  Adam’s dream is to raise consciousness and encourage others to see with the eye-of-the- rainforest.

Organized health clinics are just one of many projects at Ni Bero. Medical supplies and herbal alternatives are provided to the locals. The pictures shown here are from a free clinic. Tierravida Benxote donated the supplies which included fresh juices made on site with manual “hand cranked” juicer, GSE essential oils, healing salves and much more. Indigenous herbs are used whenever possible. Locals were instructed to bring medicinal plants such as Pyco, a proven treatment for parasites, which were then were ground into a pulp and juiced for the mothers to take back to their homes to dispense to children. Many illnesses were treated and cured.


The Board of Directors organizes many projects that Tierravida Benxote supports in order to conserve 500 hectares of Amazon Rainforest, such as:

  • donations of agricultural supplies for tree plantings in the villages

  • herbal medicine clinics in the villages

  • empowering native herbalism and shamanism practices

  • Permaculture food forest principles

  • supporting local artisans

  • environmental education

  • art classes specifically created for women to support them in their creativity.


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