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Preserving Indigenous Traditions


Shamanistic traditions and deep understanding of plant-based healing practices, remedies, and spirituality is at risk of disappearing as more Shipibo are leaving their villages for the cities. We sponsor the development of community-based projects to nurture the active conservation of traditional information combined with the best practices of Western medicine, development and education.



Herbal Health Clinics


Herbal health clinics in the villages are more examples of the wonderful projects created by Ni Bero.  Board members are planning much growth overtime within the clinics and hope to increase the number of clinics in the region as well. In the village of Libertadora, a nurse was present during many visits to donate medications and essential oils. Essential oils have a lot of potential for saving newly contacted tribes from all the modern flus and colds. A hand crank juicer is used make juice from traditional plants to treat parasites such as Pyco. Ni Bero trains staff members using Wilderness EMT and Wilderness First Responder education. Hopes for future growth includes training programs to educated staff and locals on the potential problems of mixing modern medicine with herbal medicine.  




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