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The meaning of Tierra Vida is that the earth is alive and has consciousness. Every plant and animal has a consciousness, just as humans do. Tierra Vida, or “living earth”, is an organism that we are connected to and made from. Benxote is the Shipibo for healing. Here at Tierravida Benxote we work with the living earth and the indigenous Shipibo to promote healing.


"If you want to try these ancient

 rituals, go down to Peru and

find an authentic Shaman"

 ~Deepak Chopra



We have ceremonies with the planta meastra, also known as the plant teacher, Ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca educates us about the life force of the earth, how it connects to our consciousness, and leads us to the path of healing. The Ayahuasca offers many lessons and provides each person a unique experience of healing and mystical exploration.  Historically it has been used to help discover what plants are used for preparations to heal illnesses, or how to resolve inner conflicts.


To learn about Shamanism, visit our RESOURCES page.


The Indigenous people all over the Amazon use Ayahuasca medicinally for healing many illnesses and it is central to their native religion. Ayahuasca, called the vine of the dead, is believed to show you the death realm so that one may communicate with the spirits for healing sicknesses. The Shamans are always with the members of the ceremony to promote a fluid and safe journey. The word shaman has its origin from the indigenous shamans of Siberia. Its meaning is “to know”. The Ayahuasca herb is used as an anti-inflammatory, a purgative, an anti-parasitic, a cancer preventative, a colon and blood cleanser, a liver tonic, a gallbladder medicine among many other uses. Within Indigenous cultures this plant is used very lovingly, similarly to the love of a mother singing to their babies to protect them from harm. It is to be respected and performed as any religious ceremony with the intention of bringing people together, connecting people to a higher power, healing and creating wholeness in life.


In Shipibo language, their Shamanistic healers are called Onaya. The role of Onaya in Shipibo culture is similar to a Doctor or religious leader in our culture, depending on the Onaya. However, the plant is considered the master teacher that connects us to the prophets of the past. It also leads one in the direction that is needed for the healing of illness.


The Shipibo tell a story of an ancient and wise prophet healer who the people loved, and so, they did not want him to die. He told the people; when I die, plant my body at this tree, and from my body will grow this vine, the Ayahuasca. Plant my wife’s body in this ceramic pot, and from her body will grow the Chacruna. Together in this mix of plants we will be with you forever. Ayahuasca is used for spiritual enlightenment, insights and physical healing of sick.


The Ayahuasca and Chacruna are not the only plants that we work with. They are very important, but it is the Icaros that has cultivated the healing arts culture, which includes the creation of ceremonial space and the songs of healing, all of which are crucial to the healing experience. The Icaros provide medicine and love to the people and it creates a sacred and safe space. This very complex herbalism system is used along with massage, breath work to clear energies, and chupados (shamanistic sucking).  Another remedy used is psycho- therapy that is spoken or many times unspoken. It is woven within the Icaros and applied subconsciously during the ceremonies. The main emphasis of the herbs is not only to heal, but to also resolve conflicts and to spread love and life all over the world. The Icaros is medicine for the physical body and the world as a whole. 


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